Welcome to the Bogus Creek Lowline website!

We are the Bradshaw family. We originally found Lowline cattle on the internet after buying some acreage. We bought our first Lowline cow in June 2005. Since then, we have gradually added to our herd of both full-blood and percentage animals.

We decided to invest in this awesome breed of cattle because of their ability to finish on grass, creating a healthier cut of quality beef. Lowlines allow for higher stocking rates, which translates into more pounds of meat per acre. These small-framed cattle are excellent for the family farm where children can enjoy working and playing with this great breed.

We enjoy working with this specialized breed of cattle because of their docile nature and because of the benefit that Lowline genetics bring to the cattle industry. Lowline Angus are also a great source of original Aberdeen Angus Bloodlines which is known for high-quality meat and profitability.